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Here at the Future Academy of Arts, we believe in people and the power of music, dance and theatre. It is for this reason that we always choose to work responsibly, taking corporate social responsibility initiatives, which lead to an improved quality of life for everyone.

We are convinced that developing our company goes hand in hand with the development and prosperity of the community as a whole. At the same time, we believe that all organisations which receive something from society, in turn, have a moral responsibility to give back to the community in their own way.

Within this context, from 2010 until today, all the Academy’s major performances have been fundraisers, the proceeds of which have been donated to various charitable organisations which centre around supporting children in need.

As a result of the above, we have found that over time, our students’ participation in the major performances, reinforces volunteerism and solidarity towards their fellow man. Our aim, in addition to providing a high-quality education to our students, is to mould their characters so that they are able to contribute positively to society in the future!