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Trinity College London is distinguished for offering the most recognised, high quality examinations internationally. Examinations are designed in such a way that they aid students to develop their own individual talents and reach their full potential. 

Trinity focuses on the performing arts such as music and theatre, offering an improved and varied in its educational programmes. The fact that Trinity has developed and operates in about 50 different countries, has given it a multicultural quality. For this reason, the music programmes that Trinity College offers are extensive. They cover a wide variety of styles, such as contemporary, jazz, pop and rock, as well as classical music. The examinations programme, both in music and theatre are based on a system of varying levels. A student can begin at the lowest level and reach diploma standard. All these examination levels include qualifications for performance, teaching and music theory and are certified by various countries all around the world.

Music Theory examinations take place twice a year (November, May) as do the performance examinations (June, February). Students can apply for these directly at our Academy.

Certification from Trinity College also offers UCAS points, which are points used for entry into universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. For Grade 6 and above, UCAS points are awarded on a varying scale, according to the candidate’s examination results.

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