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“Learning ballet is wonderful for children even if they never become dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline, grace, and manners.” – Anna Paskevska

The section of Ballet of our Dance Department has been operating under the management of Mrs. Chloe Menicou Stavrou since 1994. Since then, the School has presented with success many performances through the collaboration of our Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance sections, with the participation of all its students. It also organised or supported events which contributed to public affairs or charities.

Our school follows the world renowned Ballet system of The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) of London, and our students have the opportunity to take the RAD examinations every year. Students of our Dance department have successfully competed in auditions, participated in performances and continued to study in famous professional academies and universities abroad.

Ballet benefits:

  • It helps students to acquire correct posture of the body as well as improves physical fitness
  • Children learn both discipline and self-discipline through the lesson.
  • It helps children to get rid of everyday life’s stress through the creative activity of dance.
  • Moving the body with the relaxing sound of music is a form of relaxation and enables students to escape from the daily routine.
  • It is an excellent way to express emotions. Skillfully performing the dance steps under the sound of music is a way of emotional expression. It also develops love for creativity, aesthetics, and harmony.
  • It boosts confidence. Dancing in front of audience helps develop students’ self-esteem. The more exposure the dancers have performing on stage, the more confidence they gain.
  • Offers flexibility and strength to the body: Classical dance is associated with increased strength and flexibility in the body.

Classes are offered to children from 2 years old and adults