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A lot of seminars are organized consistently by our School on various musical and educational subjects. The ultimate goal of the seminars is to give all stakeholders (teachers, students and other aspirants) the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, develop skills, get in touch with musicians, educators and scholars of recognized prestige, thereby expanding their music-dancing horizons.

These seminars provide an opportunity for the participants to explore their topics in depth and scope, as we try to cover both the practical texture of the subject and interactive discussion, either between the rapporteur and the participants, or between the participants. In this way, besides enriching the knowledge of the participants, any questions and problems related to the subject are also solved.

Artists who have presented seminars to our school in the past include, among others, Antonis Mitzelos (Termit), Giorgos Aravidis (Maestro – Artistic Director of ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra), Alice Ayvazian (Singer), Athanasios Paivana (Maistor), George Rodosthenous (Lecturer of Leeds University) and others.

Below you can see a record of seminars organized in our School, as well as information on upcoming seminars.