Ticket sales “Η Μελωδία της Ευτυχίας”

Update (16/9/2020)

Due to restrictive measures established to prevent the spread of Covid19, the performance will be postponed for May – June 2021. More information will be announced in due course. Secured tickets are automatically transferred for the new date. For any ticket arrangements please contact Tickethour at 77777040.

Initial announcement

We announce that the ticket sale for the musical theatre performance “Η Μελωδία της Ευτυχίας” begins on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at 8am.

It is noted that there will be two performances on the same day (April 24, 2020) at 5pm. and 8:15 pm

Ticket price: € 15 (general entrance)

The show’s net proceeds will be donated to the Karaiskakio Foundation and the Apostle Marcos Spiritual Club for their charity work.

For more information about the performance click here

Tickets presale ways:

1) Tickethour

Online from www.tickethour.com.cy, where you first need to register.

Tickethour charges €1 extra per ticket + 2% (ie €0.30 card charges and processing costs).

Tickets are sent directly to the email listed on the site and can either be printed or saved on the phone for barcode scanning.

2) ACS courier shops

The shops are open daily from 8am. – 7pm (Branch Network at https://cyp.acscourier.net)

For cash ticket purchases there is no extra charge. In case of credit card purchase, there will be an extra charge of 1.2%.

To reserve specific seats, you can contact 77777040 where you will be given a code that will allow you to visit an ACS Courier store to pay and receive your tickets. Phone bookings will be valid for 2 days and subsequently cancelled.


* Pre-sale will be free to the general public (tickets are not reserved, so please ensure that families of participants are provided with the tickets in a timely manner, due to the limited number of seats).

* Free admission for children up to 4 years old, without reserved seat.

* Selection and reservation will be made with the purchase of the ticket and the seat will

be stated on the ticket. The seat indicated will be strictly maintained by the theater travellers.

We hope you enjoy another performance that our Student and Teaching Team prepares with great love and effort!